Tried & Tested: Sensitive Skin Shampoo and Conditioner

Wawa-Chen the Chihuahua suffers from sensitive skin so his skin gets easily inflamed and he gets super itchy if he eats a certain food or uses certain brands of shampoo! Hence, when Simbae approached me to try out their shampoo range for pets, I opted to try their Sensitive Skin set consisting of a shampoo and conditioner (Spring Garden) for Wawa Chen!

They also have a range of pet shampoos for Fabulous Fur / Long Hair as well as Puppies & Kittens depending on your needs! Note that all their pet shampoos can be used for dogs, cats, and small animals!

The Verdict: On the whole, we were all very pleased with the Simbae Sensitive Skin range! The scent is very pleasant so Wawa doesn’t have the usual “dog” smell after his shower and it lasted a few days. Most importantly, his skin seems to be fine after using it – no allergies or itchiness after that. His coat/fur feels slightly softer and smoother after that too!

Will continue to keep using this shampoo and conditioner – might repurchase too! Recommended for other pet owners with sensitive skin to try as well!(:

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