Sensitive Dog Shampoo


  • Perfect For Dogs Who Are Easily Irritated.
  • Prevent The Recurrence Of Dry, Flaky, And Itchy Skin.
  • Improve Fur Regrowth & Deeply Clean Skin.
  • Leaves Skin And Fur Refreshed, Invigorated & Healthy.
  • Promotes Healthier, Cleaner & More Manageable Fur.
  • Removes Unpleasant Body Odour.
  • Veterinary Graded.

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Simbae’s Sensitive Shampoo is your mild, tearless and pH balanced solution for healing dry, flaky, itchy skin and improve fur regrowth. Moisture your dog’s sensitive skin without causing further skin irritations, with our unique combination of Neem Oil, Lemongrass & Rosemary to naturally heal, repel and fend off fleas and ticks.