The Best a Pet Can Get!

Like all other great love affairs, the daily grooming ritual with Simbae Sensitive Skin Conditioner is a must for the ultimate bonding experience.

✔️ Sensitive Skin Conditioner is suitable for all pets types.
✔️ Eliminates dry, frizzy, and unmanageable fur by simply spraying, brushing and leave on creating a naturally smooth, silky finish, leaving them spoiled and pampered.
✔️ Loved by pets and Preferred by pet owners all over the world.
✔️ Approved by Pet Experts

Blended with Chamomile, Comfrey & Honey

Help Save a Pet's Life
Every purchase, we will donate $2 to the pet charity of YOUR choice. At the checkout select the option 'Yes, I want to Save a Pet's Life'.

 We here at Simbae, have a mission to spoil as many pets across the globe as we can. This 2017 we choose Southeast Asia to be our first project of making Simbae Grooming products readily available to all pet lovers. As such Simbae will cover ALL your duties and taxes in the following countries;

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

This also ensures you have a smooth and hassle free delivery! All that you have to worry about is purchasing your Simbae products and delivery charges!

Pet Approved & Recommended

His skin seems to be fine after using it – no allergies or itchiness after that. His coat/fur feels slightly softer and smoother after that too!" - Mitsueki, Singapore

Washing down the shampoo is effortless. It uses herbal extracts, which is safer than chemicals. They don’t itch that much as compared to the one I usually used. " - Anne Lei, Philippines

I am satisfied with this product. There’s no any adverse effect I’ve noticed with my four fur buddies. I will recommend it to my fellow dog lovers." - Anne Lei, Philippines

Nubia is a very calm cat, who is not used to taking baths, but she had a fur issue and so I used the Sensitive Skin Shampoo, I found her to be relaxed and quite calm." - Nubia, United Kingdom