Sleeping Positions That Tells Your Dog’s Personality

Dogs are undeniably cute just by seeing them sleep in the most weird and uncomfortable looking position. But even the way they sleep can reveal about their overall health and personality.

Here are some common sleeping positions that might tell something about your dog:

1. Side Sleeping Position

Dogs that sleep sideways with extended limbs and exposed belly mean they feel comfortable and relaxed with their environment. They don’t feel stress about their surrounding as they trust whoever around. Dogs that sleep like this are very easy-going, relaxed, loyal, and happy.


2. Back Sleeping Position

Just like Side Sleepers, dogs who sleep on their back are comfortable. In this position, it helps them cool down from the hot weather common during the summer seasons. They sleep exposing their most sensitive areas of their body. Dogs who sleep in this position are more comfortable than side sleepers, very adaptive with their environment, and highly confident.


3. Curled-Up Position

Most dogs who live on wild habitat often sleeps in a ball. They do this position to protect their organs from possible predators but only wild dogs. Most dogs sleep in a ball on cold weather to warmth their body. This can say that your dog has sweet personality, easy-going, and gentle.


4. Sprawled-Out Position

This position is mostly related to temperature. They sleep with stretched out limbs touching the cold floor with their belly, mostly on hot weather. Dogs that sleep on this position are super energetic that loves to play and easily motivated. They have frequent naps and be hyperactive after.


5. Back-To-Back Position

This position says about how close your dog to you. They are the dogs who are very affectionate and loving. Dogs that sleep in this position shows that they have a special love and care for you.


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