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4PAWS Shelter Visit

4PAWS also known as Penang Animal Welfare Society is an animal shelter. They are a non-profit organisation founded by animal lover and advocate, Ms. Barbara Janssen.

The society has a no-kill policy and provides continued care for animals whose age or disability may make them less likely to be adopted.

From 2014 to 2015, 4PAWS went from 370 dogs in their compound to over 600 dogs in care at Teluk Bahang. The end goal and pursuit of 4PAWS are to provide a solution and management for the stray dog population in Penang and to give every beloved dog a home, a happy and fulfilled the life that they deserve.

4PAWS is near and dear to Simbae’s heart, and we wish that we could offer and do more for Barbara and her team of dedicated and committed volunteers who spend endless hours ensuring the lives of each animal is tended to with the love and respect they each deserve.

About Baraba

Barbara moved from Germany in 2005 to the heart of Malaysia, in Penang. In her retirement, she became aware of the rising tragedy of the stray dog’s population in Penang.  Over the next four years, Barbara went from her furnished apartment with 3 dogs to buying a property of land and providing a home for 24 dogs.

Saving abandoned dogs from the streets and helping them find a loving home is one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences I’ve had. It was a proud moment when 4PAWS officially become a registered charity in 2011. 4PAWS is not-for-profit so becoming a registered charity means I’m able to accept donations from generous contributors that help me rescue and re-home more dogs.” – Baraba Janssen

How you can support 4PAWS?

You can support 4PAWS in three ways;

  • By adopting your a dog at the shelter
  • By donating funds so that they may use it to pay for Vet Bills, Maintenance, and Medicine
  • By donating goods, such as Food, Cleaning Products, Grooming Tools, etc.
  • By volunteering your time at the shelter, to care for the dogs and to meet the team behind it all.

To know more about how and what to donate, please visit http://4paws.com.my/index.php/donation/donate-to-4paws 

Where is 4PAWS?

4PAWS is located at 429, Jalan Hassan Abbas, Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia. The Shelter is open to visitors on Sunday from 2-5pm.

You may also visit their website or their facebook for more information or to stay up to date with their progress.


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