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By popular demand Simbae is now available ONLINE!

Having rapidly expanded across USA, Canada, Europe & Asia, Simbae is now going Online throughout the ASEAN regions.

Sydney, May 5, 2017:  TAJA Global, is a family owned business with Australian origins and are the founders of Simbae Pet Grooming products – the Simbae brand has gained astonishing traction worldwide, Simbae is now available in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, China and many more countries, due to the rising popularity of online shopping we have decided to give our customers an opportunity to shop with us online.

To facilitate our online venture, we have partnered with TIGERS, a company with a vast array of experience in the world of E-commerce to do our fulfillment. We also have partnered with MOLPay for Southeast Asia to make it easier for our customers to make secure and flexible payments. Partnering alongside with PayPal and credit card facilities, to ensure our customers have a good experience when they shop with Simbae.

Simbae has rolled out an exciting Loyalty & Rewards Points system, which allows you to accumulate points and to redeem with your purchases. Furthermore, there is a giveaway of 2,000 points through a monthly draw, visit simbae.com/simbae-points or our Facebook for more details.

Simbae wants to provide loyal customers, blogger and resellers an opportunity to promote and sell Simbae in their town, city or country with our Affiliate Program. Our program will give you an opportunity to earn bonuses and commission on sales made through your own Website, Facebook Page or Profile, Instagram or even Pinterest. We also have a private Facebook group just for our affiliates, to provide Q&A Sessions, strategies and monthly promotions.

All of this has been put in place, to give our customers the most positive experience and the best products for your pet.

Simbae’s eye-catching and stand out range of premium pet grooming and cleaning supplies are currently globally available, Simbae is a proven range of pet care products that will keep your pet smelling fresh while nourishing their fur and cleaning their skin.

Simbae’s mission is to enhance the bond between pets and their guardians are the foundation of Simbae’s packaging. In which truly does embrace your dog’s sense of humor, your cat’s creative curiosity, and the spirit of joy and warmth that pets create in our daily lives.

Simbae’s product range consists of Pet Grooming & Cleaning Supplies for dogs and cats alike;

Shampoo – An easy-to-rinse, SLS and Paraben free formula
Leave-On Conditioners – Simply Spray, Brush & Leave-On!
Surface Sanitiser & Air Freshener – Dual action bacteria-free & odor control for pet areas

Available in three distinct scents;

Country Grove – is a flowery aroma of Lavender, Geranium Neroli, and Green Leaves blended with Lemon, Apple, and Mango, built on warm notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood. A refreshing floral concoction that is cozy and comfortable.
Spring Garden – is an intermingling of floral aromas Lavender, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Violets – balanced with a Milky Powder. This collection of fragrant blossoms is the embodiment of love, care, and generosity.
Lemon Orchard – has refreshing qualities of Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Lime gilded with Rose and Apple scents on Amber and Mimosa notes. An invigorating scent that is cheerful, frisky and spirited

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