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Petzilla Cat Show CBA International

Simbae participated in the 1st Cat Show in Penang, Malaysia. The event was co-organised by Petzilla, proudly spoiling International & Private Owners with our pet grooming and cleaning supplies.

Our Simbae team was so happy to have the chance to meet and speak with professional and private owners, who were more than happy to share their pet and grooming topics with us.

About the Event

Every couple of months around Malaysia, the CBA has Cat Shows all around KL & Johor, this 2015 was Penang’s turn. It was a two day event filled with 3 rings on each day, as well as the different categories for the pets, long haired, short haired, kittens.

 About the Co-organizer

Petzilla Cat1Stop is a beloved Pet Grooming, Pet Hotel & Cattery in Penang. Every pet owner who wants their cat to look their best will visit Ms. Zetty and her store. She is a cat owner herself and has a deep love for the long haired felines, her warming personality and quality service is what she is remembered for by each customer.

 About the Judges

The judges of the event came from Malaysia, Australia and Japan. Each judge was exceptional and very in-tune with every cat and how to bring out their best performance. I personally enjoyed when they would pull out the feather stick and make the cats climb the post. It was fantastic to see some of the cats really put on a show – one beautiful cat jumped right up onto the post with all four paws and took the crowd by surprise.

 Our Experience

We cannot express enough how happy we were to participate in this event and to proudly represent the culture and philosophy of being the owner of a playful, vibrant and happy pet. It is our mission to provide a positive and enriching bond between owners and their pets, we feel as though this event gave us the opportunity to speak directly and understand what issues pet owners face when it comes to the grooming and care for their pet.

Some cat owners mentioned that they struggled with giving their cat a bath, this is one of those things that if you train your cat when they are a kitten, by giving them the most positive experience you can, they will grow up knowing that when it is bath time, that is a time of relaxation.
Although, when a cat is fully grown and you want to train them to enjoy bath time, you must be patient and compassionate in the process. We introduced this method to some cat owners at the show, and gave them the alternative of using our Leave-on Conditioners, which alternatively you can use a soaked towel to damp their fur and spray on our Conditioner and simply brush your pets fur.

Overall, this was a very rewarding experience and we made friends with the other local vendors at the event who we hope to meet again at next year’s event and many more!

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