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Denmark, here we come!

We are happy to announce you can Groom your pets with Simbae, now in Denmark!A family owned business, Julie also a Veterinary Nurse and experienced Breeder.

GroomIT is a small company that sells quality equipment for dog and owner. Selling both the familiar Booster Bath, Blowers, blowers, burdock and trim tables, and the best grooming products for your pets.

About Julie
A family living in the middle of Denmark, loving breeding healthy, gorgeous American Akitas with excellent temperament. Julie is educated as veterinary nurse, breeder from the Danish Kennel Club (DKK) and proud mother of 3 children. Julie also have the “education” of laws and rules by selling a puppy. It’s a safety for the new puppy owner, that the breeder knows how to treat, behave with all that implies to be an entrusted breeder. Her dogs & cats live as a member of the family, which is the way it should be.

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