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Japan, here we come!

Simbae Japan has risen to popularity over the last couple of years, happy to be spoiling all the ペット (petto) / pets of Japan!

Simbae & Bizcom

Bizcom is our Distributor now for many years (since our launch into the market in 2012) Together, we built a trusted and reliable friendship while servicing the Japanese Market. Early 2016, Mr. Hiroyuki Shimizu became the official and sole representative for the Japanese Market, after his performance and we are proud to be partnered with such a dedicated and hardworking Distributor.

About Bizcom Ltd & シンバ・ペットシャンプー

Bonds of human beings and pets has become stronger year by year, none other than a member of the longer important family. Pet care products, including pet shampoo and conditioner is a genre of products expected a stable demand in the industry is difficult also is dependent on economic trends. Product despite the still less than three years , manufacturers received the quality is high evaluation of Simbae stuck positive sales and customer response, and has continued to extend the sales channels to countries around the world, the total agency number even while following it we are located in each country.

Simbae Japan have receive high praise from many users around the world, through the test sales ended in popular demand for Simbae Japan, many users are choose to use the product over and over again.

Where to buy?

Visit your nearest Pet Shop.

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