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USA here we come!

About NV Pets

NV Pets is a Sales & Marketing force within the United States of Amercia, they chose to represent natural, organic and wholesome pet products, with a national turnkey sales force with several reps and distributors across the country. NV Pets looks for products with a purpose and loves innovative brands, which is why the Founder Bob Vella appreciated our Simbae brand from day one.
NV Pets represents many well known brands and has been appointed as the sole importer of Simbae products for the United States of America region.

Simbae & NV Pets

NV Pets was impressed and loved Simbae’s packaging and felt it had all the ingredients for success in the USA market. Bob Vella, the Founder of NV Pets with over 40 years’ experience in the Pet Industry, along with his exceptional Sales Team consisting of Luke, Peggy, Remi, Jennifer, Debbie, Janet, Danielle & Brad, have established a market base across the US to offer exciting new pet products.

We are so proud to be represented by such a wonderful team of pet lovers, and we look forward to spoiling the US market with Simbae.

Where to Buy?

Please feel free to contact NV Pets at +1 661 836 7854 or [email protected] for any inquiries on where to purchase Simbae products!

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