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Why Do Cats Shed and How to Deal With It

You’ve seen it in the deepest recesses of your home, and it’s on all your clothes. Not a day goes by without you having to shake it off from your dress or seeing balls of it everywhere! Cat fur! Why do they even shed?

Shedding in cats is normal and cat furs comes with the package of being a proud cat parent. It’s part of their self-grooming routine, and they spend a LOT of time tidying themselves. And most of the time, cats generally grow up with smooth and shiny coats of fur because of this.

The amount of shedding depends on the cat breed or if they’re indoor or outdoor amongst many other factors.

There might also be the possibility that a disease is causing a cat to shed more than what is normal and observing abnormal changes in your cat—in this case, call your veterinarian at the soonest.

If you’ve determined that your cats are perfectly healthy, you can take control and undertake measures to keep the cat furs around the house under control.

Bathe your cat regularly

It will help to remove excess and undercoat hair, and in the long run, give you cleaner furniture. To maximize the effectiveness of your cat baths, use cat shampoos, more preferably all-natural.

Brush regularly

Brushing regularly reduces the amount of fur your cat shed and collects the fur before it falls out.

Change their diet.

For a healthy coat, your pet needs a balanced and omega-rich diet. Make sure that your cat gets enough animal-based protein and enough fats (around 25%-35%).

Keep them hydrated

Is your cat drinking enough water? A cat that doesn’t drink enough water usually molts their fur and may have dry skin and coats. So make sure you choose the right water bowl for your cat and keep the water fresh. Introducing a bit of wet cat food could help as well.

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